Tips from a Leading Passport-Size Photo Maker

After almost two years of lockdown, many countries are now easing restrictions to allow people to visit their dream sites and have fun. But if your passport expired during the pandemic, you must renew it before the season begins. But the UK Home Office expects your passport to have the latest photo to make it easy to identify you.

Thus, talking to a leading passport-size photo maker could help you get a great photo for your passport. But dont go for selfies or edit the passport photo after the shot. Also, do not wear anything that can conceal your true identity.

Notice that this is passport photo that will serve you for the next 10 or so years. So obviously, you don’t want a photo that makes you look older than you are. Also, you may not want a photo that makes you look unhappy or ill. You must thus try to look as good as possible. Continue reading to see tips that can help you take a great photo for your new passport.

Don’t Take a Selfie

Although we are accustomed to taking selfies, those photos can only be used on social media. The Home Office prohibits using selfies as passport photos. Also, you should not edit or alter the photo in any way. Altering the photo makes it difficult for users to easily identify you.

If you want to look your best, you may cleanse your face and apply a balancing toner to help remove product build-up and calm your skin. Also, you may use a moisturizer or moisturising serum to enhance the quality of your skin. But ensure you keep your neutral tones to help enhance your natural features.

Do Not Wear White

It is most likely that you will take the photo against a white background. So wearing white will make your passport photo look awkward. Also, consider wearing a casual outfit to get a stunning look. Wearing a colored shirt is the secret to making your photo look stunning. Wear neutral colours such as black, blue, blush-pink and grey. These colours look timeless and will work nicely for you. Also, wearing a business outfit will make your passport look nice.

Do Not Wear Head Gears

Do not wear head gear unless your religious customs dictate that you do so. Also, wearing tinted glasses and contact lenses is not allowed. If you wear glasses, ensure there is no glare; otherwise, images with glares on glasses will be rejected right away. To avoid all this, take off the glasses when you pose for a passport photo.

Review the Image Before You Print

Choose a photo shop that will allow you to review your photo before printing the picture. This is vital since it helps you choose a satisfactory image.

Avoid Using Online Apps

Most people take passport photos using cellphones. They then use online apps to remove the background. However, the home office will reject any passport photo adjusted using apps. Therefore, consider taking your passport from a studio with human experts who can help adjust the image without using apps. Hounslow Photo Shop uses Pro software to prepare passports to meet Home Office requirements. In addition, they generate an HMRC code to use when applying for a passport or visa online.

If you must use apps, ensure they are designed to take passport-size photographs. You may use the app to resize and crop the photograph. Also, you may only use the app to adjust the resolution and make the photo breeze before you submit it to the home office.

Choose an Appropriate Hairstyle

Although it is good to visit a salon before taking the photo, you must choose an appropriate hairstyle. Hairstyles that cover parts of the face, such as the eyes or ears, may make it difficult to take a passport photo that the Home Office will accept. So let the hairstylist know that you plan to take a passport photo shot after styling. Avoid a style that conceals vital features.

Avoid Photo Booths

Photo Booths take startling images that get rejected at the Home Office. They often don’t get it right regarding photos for visas and passports. Therefore, it may be necessary that you take your photos from a leading passport-size photo maker. It guarantees that the photo will be accepted by the Home Office. It eliminates delays in processing your passport.

Of course, many other tips can enable you take stunning passport photo images. However, ensure to practice your poses and look straight into the camera to get stunning photos images for your passport. Also, avoid smiling or displaying your teeth and keep your eyes open when taking the photo.